Show Focus Points

Show Focus Points is a plugin for Adobe Lightroom. It shows you which focus points were selected by your camera when the photo was taken.


Key features

Show Focus Points is a plugin for Adobe Lightroom which shows you which of your camera's focus points were used when you took a picture.

  • Works with images made by any Canon EOS or Nikon DSLR camera

    For a full list of cameras, check out the F.A.Q.

  • Works on Mac OS X and on Windows 7/8

  • Shows all focus metadata

    Besides showing the position of the focus points used, provides all available info such as focus distance, focus mode etc. Also supports images cropped or rotated in Lightroom.

  • Works in Lightroom 5 and above

    Currently works with Lightroom 5, 6, and CC

  • Easy-to-use interface

    Use the photostrip to switch from one image to another


Below find some screenshots of the plugin in action.
Click on the images to enlarge them.

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System requirements: the plugin works in LR 5, 6 or CC (make sure to use the latest version of the plugin!), and currently only Canon and Nikon DSLR are supported.

Current version: V0.98q, last changes:
V0.98q (16-12-14)
- Fixed a problem (error message) with new Lightroom 5.7.1
- If you are using LR 6 / CC, make sure you always use the latest version of the plugin!
V0.98p (23-10-14)
- Added support for Nikon D750, Canon Powershot G1 X Mark II
- Upgraded exiftool to current version 9.74
V0.98o (22-10-14)
- Includes auto-updater (plugin can update itself automatically with new version if desired)
- Nikon: corrects issues with LiveView images for Nikon cameras
- Displays lens name as stored in Lightroom, not exiftool (configurable). Some users had reported wrong lens information.
- Canon: Focus Distance upper / lower information is clarified (upper/lower boundary for subject (focus) distance, NOT depth-of-field boundaries)
- Low-quality previews warning is not shown anymore as dialog (less disruptive to workflow)
- Various fixes
V0.98e (18-09-14) (Recommended upgrade if you work with one of the mentioned Nikon cameras!)
- Fixes bug for Nikon cameras with 39- and 51-point AF systems (D4/D3, Df, D700/800, D300, D600/610, D5200/5300, D7000/7100) where 6 autofocus fields on the right did not show correctly if activated
V0.98c (15-09-14)
- Support added for images rotated within Lightroom
V0.98b (14-09-14)
- Improved workflow (warnings are shown in plugin window instead of dialogs, plugin comes up even on unsupported images, progress indicator)
- Windows version: no more "Could not generate JPEG" messages anymore
- Mac: supports locking to secondary monitor (flag in plugin manager) (Windows to follow)
- possibly more correct focus information for newer cameras/lenses (upgraded to current exiftool 9.70)
- added focal length information to Focus information dialog
- fixed problem where window size would be calculated wrongly, especially with full-screen Lightroom (photo strip should always be visible now)
V0.97d (08-09-14)
- Plugin now runs successfully on Windows if LR catalog path contains non-English characters such as Umlaut or å etc. (Previously, it would sometimes display an error message "Cannot process this photo - could not find suitable preview in previews database.") Also now runs successfully on Windows with Unicode characters (e.g. languages such as Hebrew, Japanese, Chinese) in Windows user name, LR catalog directory or photo directory/name.
V0.96c (28-08-14)
- Adds Nikon D810 support, various improvements regarding error messages "Could not generate JPEG for processing. Aborting" and "Only low-quality previews available", fixes display window occasionally too large for screen

Please note: This plugin is currently in beta, which means it has been thoroughly tested but might still contain some quirks. Please report them to us if you find any problems.

Installation + Usage



This plugin is quite new - please let me know if everything worked fine for you, or if you had any problems, or want to suggest any improvements! You can contact me at or use the feedback form below. -Chris Reimold, author

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